6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is a task that you may not spend much time thinking about – that is, until you find yourself with lots of garbage and no place to put it! Luckily, if you are in possession of a load of trash in Broomall, PA, and thinking about how to dispose of it, we have the dumpster that can literally take the load off your back!

It is amazing to see how quickly a dumpster can become a top priority for you to accomplish your project or job, whether it is embarking on a new demolition or commercial business project, or even if you are just into DIY residential renovation projects.However, it is important to ensure that you do your due dumpster diligence before ordering your dumpster in order to avoid common mistakes that may impede your

Read on to learn about some of the most common mistakes in utilizing dumpsters and make sure to heed these ‘dumpster dos and don’ts’ to ensure smooth sailing when you embark on your next big project!

1. Did The Dumpster Turn Out To Be Small?

How do you determine the required size of a dumpster for your project? Do you always go for a bigger size? If so, you may find yourself paying more than what you need!

Conversely, if you attempt to cut costs by selecting a smaller dumpster, you may find yourself making a mistake that could actually set you back in cost and time!

If you have done an inventory of your expected waste and find yourself between two dumpster sizes, we would recommend that you order the larger dumpster. In our many years of experience, project waste is something that takes on a life of its own – our customers routinely end up with more waste than they anticipated and often a need for a larger dumpster.

If you find your dumpster full before your project is complete, you may have to wait for a solution, whether another dumpster or removal of debris to reload! Moreover, it is more economical to rent one larger dumpster than two small dumpsters.

2. Overfilling The Dumpster Container

One common mistake people make while renting a dumpster is overfilling it. This creates a safety hazard while loading, as well as while hauling your trash away.

This is likely the most common mistake we encounter in our business. When you rent a specific dumpster, such as a 10-yard dumpster, you will be provided with specific instructions that the dumpster will not hold anything beyond a certain volume.

In a scenario that your dumpster gets overloaded, your rental company will not be able to safely haul your dumpster away to the garbage site. Some companies will refuse and cancel the contract if this occurs. Not to mention the risk to you or your staff while overloading said dumpster, and potentially while attempting to remove overstuffed material to ensure pickup.

By ensuring safety, you ensure easy transport and quick work!

Kick-Off Your DIY Project Waste with Residential Dumpster Rental

3. Contacting The Wrong Company

Particularly now during this time of increased time at home and on your hands, you may find yourself embarking on an impromptu cleanout project, and you may find yourself impulsively calling the first dumpster service you can find when the garbage gets out of hand.

You might think that any dumpster from any company will work for you, but you may find yourself sadly mistaken, as there are sundry important details that you may not think of, but an excellent dumpster company should and will.

Getting a proper, clear and thorough price quote; proper communication to ensure prompt delivery and pickup times; ease in reaching the company when you need it; accurate and experienced advice for your needs; concise instructions on placing the garbage appropriately to not overfill – all are examples of essential service that go above and beyond just dropping a dumpster at your doorstep.

Some companies have clean, modern equipment with excellent service and competitive pricing. On the other hand, some only promise and fail to act on it. Do your due diligence to be sure to contract with the right company and ensure you get your job done right.

4. Placing The Dumpster At The Wrong Place

Are you planning to place your dumpster on the road itself? If so, do you need a permit? Will you block traffic? Will you impede your own or others’ parking patterns? Do you have enough space in your yard or lot to accommodate a 10-yard or 20-yard container?

Choosing an appropriate location for your dumpster is an essential step in successfully disposing of your waste. The location must be accessible to you without impeding flow.

Every city or municipality has local building codes dictating details on where a dumpster can be placed. It is essential to find out your area’s specifics during planning.

Also, do not forget to ask permission from your neighborhood association if applicable, as your project will potentially be noisy, cumbersome or disturbing to others in the area.

5. Hazardous Material In Your Dumpster

Debris can prove harmful, especially when it contains hazardous elements that affect the environment. It is important to ensure that you know not only what you are placing in the dumpster, but also what you should not place there.

Remember, the waste placed in the dumpster is inspected and can be sorted to determine if it is contaminated. If contaminated, the debris can be rejected at the disposal facility and possibly could lead to fines.

Certain laws and regulations restrict the disposal of garbage that leads to environmental contamination. Some restricted items include gas, old paint, chemicals, batteries, tires, and propane tanks, among others. Your disposal company should be able to assist you in obtaining further information for your specific project in Broomall, PA.

6. Not Following Company Rules

A few minutes of preparation prior to confirming the order of your dumpster can save you a dumpster load of headache during your project. Read the contract and inquire as to any questions you may have about load, materials, time frame, etc. When you ensure that you know how to dispose of your waste correctly and know the terms of your contract, you can get your work done quickly and smoothly.

Please be mindful that we, as disposal companies, are not merely placing arbitrary restrictions but trying to ensure your safety, our safety, and the health of the environment. For example, air conditioners, geysers, and water coolers contain chemicals that interact with other elements found in the debris and might catch fire or lead to an explosion.

We hope you can benefit from learning about common dumpster rental mistakes and avoid a figurative – and literal – dumpster fire during your next renovation. Benefit from our vast experience and let us take the load of waste of your hands – and your shoulders – with ease!

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