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While working on construction projects of varied sizes and scopes, you’re liable to handle a vast amount and variety of debris.

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The preparation that goes into beginning any construction, demolition or renovation project requires selecting an efficient and sufficient method of removing waste from your site. The most common and often most practical solution is often a commercial dumpster rental for such activities.

Not all dumpster rental service providers are created equally, and it is worth the legwork to locate and partner with a local, expert, and reliable service provider that is worth the price!

Below, you’ll find the advantages of hiring a dumpster rental company, as well as find answers to common questions about the services provided.

While working on construction projects of varied sizes and scopes, you’re liable to handle a vast amount and variety of debris.

Advantages of Dumpster Rental

1. Prioritizing Safety

Exposed waste materials often include items that represent health risks by mechanical obstruction (tripping, cutting, etc), exposure to potential toxins, and other potential harms.

Commercial site waste management ensures more than just keeping up appearances of tidiness!

You are ensuring the safety and security of yourself, your employees and your contractors when you rent a commercial dumpster to provide a safe, separate receptacle for hazardous items. You are also increasing work efficiency, as you and your workers can function in unimpeded, uncluttered fashion.

2. Efficient Job Site

Designating a separate space to store all debris and waste material, instead of piling it all up in some corner with inevitable overflow and mess, can actually improve workflow and efficiency on the jobsite.

Construction projects are often undertaken in full view of the public, and people passing the site are offered a glimpse of how well your company functions in performing an efficient, tidy and thorough job.

You can take pride in your duty to maintain your worksite in a clean and organized manner, as it relays the important message to the public that your crew regards safety and efficiency as utmost priorities.

You also ensure increased efficiency by allowing us to handle delivery and disposal of your waste, saving you and your employees precious time to focus on the skilled tasks at hand instead of wasting your skilled labor resources to sort, load, transport and unload waste.

3. Flexibility

Have any of your large-scale projects been completed exactly as planned, or have you experienced the necessity of improvisation a few times? Inevitably, inclement weather, unforeseen additional projects and material delays can throw a wrench in the best-laid plans of project timelines.

There are multiple unexpected factors that might crop up during the execution of your plan, and we understand and empathize with you. Be sure to select a dumpster service provider who can roll with your punches and understands that offering flexibility in timelines is essential in your complex and uncertain field of work.

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5 FAQs About Commercial Dumpsters

1. Commercial Dumpster vs. Roll-Off Dumpster?

Some dumpster rental companies prefer to use “commercial dumpsters” and “roll-off dumpsters” interchangeably. However, in some cases, the terms can confer quite different meanings. Be sure to inquire as to the specifics when you speak with your local dumpster rental service.

The word “commercial” is used for dumpsters you would normally see in an alley or behind a restaurant or hotel that take care of long-term garbage disposal services.

The garbage company then schedules a weekly pickup of trash under their rental agreement.

In comparison, roll-off dumpsters are used for one-off or temporary projects, such as garage cleanouts and kitchen remodeling, among others.

Such dumpsters are brought to the client’s location, carried on by a truck, and literally “rolled off” to the desired position at the time of delivery.

Upon completion of your project, the rental company then returns to retrieve the entire dumpster and its contents to dispose of the waste and remove the dumpster.

2. How Can I Start Filling Up My Dumpster?

The most important initial step is to plan to fill the dumpster at an even scale. Thus, be sure that you don’t end up with a series of hills and valleys of trash in the dumpster, with inevitable wasted space.

Space management can prove tricky, and it helps to be cognizant from the onset of placing items in a manner that takes up the least space, such as stacking flat objects, breaking down awkwardly-shaped or large materials, and placing smaller objects within larger when possible.

As obvious as it may seem, ensure that your dumpster is not overflowing with debris. This is an obvious impairment to transport, as debris can be lost en route to disposal.

Dumpster companies are unable to remove the dumpster and debris if the dumpsters are filled beyond their specified capacity.

3. What’s the Deal with Permitting?

Permits are crucial and inevitable when you have a commercial project to complete. A commercial project, such as home demolition and renovation, may require a permit or approval from the neighborhood association.

Every association has a contract stating that any construction or demolition activity must be specified beforehand to ensure that it doesn’t pose any threat or discomfort to the neighborhood.

If you’re under no such contract at your location, you are free to place and utilize your dumpster wherever most convenient on your property without fear of fines or tickets.

4. How is the Pricing Calculated?

There are several factors that determine the answer to this question. The duration for which you require the dumpster, the size of the dumpster, the type of debris going into the dumpster and the location of the delivery are all factors in determining the final cost of your project.

It is always better to hire a local commercial dumpster rental company, as they often offer coupons and/or discounts depending upon your customer relationship.

5. Who are the folks behind Cobblestone Containers?

Cobblestone Container Service is a dumpster rental company that was founded with a belief in core family values. Trust is our word! It’s equally applicable to our business and waste disposal partners.

With over 50 years of experience in waste management, we are committed to serving you with expert advice, transparency and flexibility to ensure your every project is a smashing success and not a ‘waste’ of time.

Call us today at 877-853-2922!

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