How To Pick The Right Dumpster Rental Size For Your Remodeling Projects

Does your weekly garbage service take care of construction debris such as metal, glass, lumber, granite, gypsum, steel, soil, etc?

Renting a dumpster is the most obvious choice while remodeling or renovating. You have to take into consideration the heavy and hard nature of your garbage in such cases.

When you’re dealing with construction debris, you are dealing with harmful materials that might not be suitable to pack in a bag and throw it off!

Medium to large demolition projects like kitchen or bathroom remodeling produces an inevitable pile of debris, that can be resolved by using a 10-yard dumpster, 20-yard dumpster or 30-yard dumpster, whichever fits your needs!

Bathroom Remodeling?

For bathroom remodeling, considering your bathroom size to be an average 35 – 40 sq.ft, you can easily get the job done using a 10-yard dumpster rental.

For any larger bathroom, anything bigger than 50 – 90 sq.ft you’re looking at a 20-yard dumpster!

Kitchen Remodeling?

Let’s talk about the kitchen! Any regular kitchen with minimal appliances needs a

to take care of granite, marble or quartz countertop, wood, and all metal items.

If your kitchen comes with medium appliances and cosmetic work, you’re in for a 30- yard dumpster! Anything above that, be sure to grab hold of the largest dumpster available with the dumpster rental service provider.

#SideNote: You may hear words such as “roll-off” and “containers”, both are one and the same, used to represent large metal containers. The volume of the containers is expressed with ‘cubic yards’ or just ‘yards.’

Some Things They Won’t Tell You!

There are several websites that tell you what they provide and what they charge but very few will tell you the little details or the gray information that usually comes as a surprise to you later on!

We want you to be equally informed as us, so that the process can go faster than normal and you can get rid of the debris quickly.

When Do You Need Permit?

You can receive all the information about permits from your enforcement office if you’re looking to park the container on the street.

You must know that living under a neighborhood association comes with a contract that doesn’t allow for a roll-off container without permission.

If you’re under no such contract, you can surely put it on your own property without any worries about tickets, fine or any permits.

Always Keep The Space Around Your Container Clear

You do realize that the container needs space to move and maneuver around your property or on the street depending upon your permit.

There’s a thin line between accessibility and being stuck. You have to be sure that the truck can safely bring the container in and take it out when the time comes.

If you do get stuck, you’ll be stuck for several days until a viable solution is brought up by the company. You may also be charged for the remaining amount of time the container stays on your ground, which is legitimate!

How Does Dumpster Rental Work?

  1. It’s a simple process and very easy to carry out. When you call the company for the required dumpster, it’s brought to you by a truck.
  2. You can then load all the debris in the dumpster to its capacity. Then you can safely call the company to dispose of the entire debris.
  3. The dumpster is taken to the landfill site or any recycling facility depending upon the type of debris being collected.
  4. After reaching the site, the dumpster is loaded onto a scale where the load is weighed and the debris is measured.
  5. After emptying the dumpster, the truck and dumpster are loaded onto another scale where their combined weight is measured without the debris.
  6. The difference in weights reveals the actual weight of the debris. You should be billed for this weight!
  7. The average cost of the weight ranges from $40 to $100 per ton (not fixed).

Here’s Why Cobblestone Containers Offer The Best Dumpster Rental Services

10 Cubic Yard Container

A ten yarder is 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet high. Capable of a small remodeling project at home.

This dumpster can be used for garage debris. You can choose to work on your roof, possibly lower than 2400 sq.ft of single layer roof shingles.

Any small deck removal or kitchen remodeling job can be handled with a ten yarder. You can imagine it to be equivalent to 3 to 4 pick up truck loads.

20 Cubic Yard Container

A 20 yarder is 22 feet long, 8 feet wide and 4.5 feet high. It’s used by most people as its size is complimentary for all major purposes such as kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

With this, you’re looking at a medium-sized garage clean-up as well as a large size deck removal! It’s equivalent to 5 to 7 pick up truck loads.

30 Cubic Yard Container

A thirty yarder is just huge and is used by commercial dumpster rentals. Here, we’re talking big construction projects or demolition projects that include home renovation, interior or exterior debris removal.

One thing you should keep in mind is that a thirty yarder can fit in front of most houses. You don’t have to worry about handling the container on your property!

All you have to do now is to request a quote from Cobblestone Container Service! What are you waiting for?

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