DIY Project Waste with Residential Dumpster Rental

An ambitious DIY project can provide an outlet for our creative reveries, an opportunity to hone new skills, and home improvement at minimum cost.  DIY projects offer a feeling of excitement and accomplishment, whether you are a Youtube newbie or DIY projects have been running in your family for ages.

But like every new undertaking, DIY projects do not come without challenges and constraints!  One such constraint is the management of demolition/renovation/cleanout waste, and its safe and efficient disposal, such that the environment is not harmed, and your DIY renovation/cleanout project is not delayed or hindered.

Yes, these projects can get messy quickly.  No garbage bag or can is going to do justice to the amount of trash usually produced. 

You can either keep replacing bag after bag, can after can,  if even possible given the size of your materials, or you can simply rent and fill a dumpster to quickly dispose of and then neatly ship off all the garbage to a safe disposal site.

4 Easy DIY Projects with Residential Dumpster Rental

1. Garage Cleanout

You can order a residential dumpster rental directly to your driveway. We deliver the container directly to your specified location to make your access to waste collection as speedy and easy as possible. 

A word of warning from experience:  Ensure that the container door opens on the outside, as the container is delivered to your driveway.  If you can, test opening the door before bringing it in, to ensure that the door has clearance and you have full access. However, also be sure that placement allows for door closure and that door is closed prior to pickup to avoid spills.

Then, all you must do is toss the waste directly into the dumpster.  It’s as easy as that. No hassle of any sort. 

We recommend, to increase your productivity and expediency, that you organize your garbage in sections, such that you fit large blocks of trash in smaller spaces. 

For instance, fabricated metal parts, empty oil cans, unwanted car parts, engine parts, wires, and plastic could be the waste you’d be filling your dumpster container with.

We generally recommend a 10-yard or a 15-yard dumpster for a garage cleanout, based on the size of your garage and the extensive nature of your proposed waste.

2. Backyard Cleanout

Whether or not you’ve left your backyard abandoned, it’s still very important to do a backyard cleanout once every 2 years.

We’re just going to focus on grooming your backyard so that it’s presentable and has well-managed grass and vegetative growth. For this, it’s essential to remove unnecessary brush that encroaches on and damage a fence and accelerate all over the yard.

Such a DIY project requires a reliable, eco-friendly means of disposing of the vegetation and grass. Not everyone’s yard will measure the same, so make your dumpster pick depending upon the size of your yard. You might need a 10-yarder for a smaller yard or as large as a 20-yarder for expected large waste, such as trees.

Residential dumpsters are perfect for such jobs as the large-mouth openings, customizable large size and convenient drop location cater perfectly to the oddly shaped and often cumbersome nature of yard waste, as well the specific size and volume anticipated.

3. Installing/Renovating Swimming Pool

A lot of work goes into installing or removing a swimming pool, which can appear daunting, particularly if you’re new to this type of project. 

While installing a swimming pool, a massive amount of earth will need to be displaced and disposed of properly.

For renovation purposes, a surprising amount of waste may be produced, meaning you’d need dumpster containers to dispose of all the brickwork, concrete, tiling and liner material.

While removing an existing swimming pool, you must take care of the concrete or tiled interior that generates large amounts of hard, oddly shaped and sharp waste. Also, the tiles, bricks, and concrete surrounding the pool contribute surprisingly hefty waste, which will require additional disposal space.

Having a residential dumpster on the site makes it easier and faster to deposit the vast amounts of large, awkward, potentially dangerous debris, markedly streamlining your demolition, installation and renovation process.

No doubt, swimming pool demolition, renovation and or installation represents a vast undertaking, but one that will prove worth it when you hear the splash and squeals of loved ones or finally get the large garden space for which you’ve been longing.

4. Downsizing

If you’ve decided to declutter your house and eliminate unnecessary ‘stuff’ from your life, then a residential dumpster is exactly what you need!

To get rid of several heavy or small items instantly and easily, you would not need more than a 10-yard dumpster.  

Downsizing can also mean removing scrap and dysfunctional machines lying around your house like white elephants, potentially decreasing sale value by adding clutter and limiting the potential that hopeful buyers see in your home.  Don’t forget to clean out those hoarding havens, the attic, basement, and garage.


We provide residential dumpster rental services for all sizes to fit your specific needs. They’re as clean as a whistle, cost-effective and convenient!

We deliver, pick up, remove and dispose of your container whenever and wherever is most convenient to you! We want your DIY to be a success story, not a Youtube or Pinterest fail – let us help make your DIY dreams a beautiful reality! We’ll take the waste; you take all the credit!

Cleaning out your garage or working on renovations? Call us for help at  877-853-2922 and find a dumpster rental near you!

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