The Ultimate Residential Dumpster Rental Safety Guide

A dumpster rental can be handy for do-it-yourself home construction projects, moving out clean-up, or remodeling. They give you a place to discard waste while avoiding trash from unsightly piling up in your yard. However, they can also quickly turn into a liability if you are not armed with the technical know-how of how to safely use one. To help keep your projects accident-free, we have listed below some safety protocols you can use and remember before requesting a dumpster rental service. Check out these nine points below.

1. Identify The Right Size For Your Dumpster Rental

Size is the first factor you need to consider when planning to rent a dumpster. Mishaps can ensue if you lease a waste container that is too big for your space or too small to hold all of your trash. The most standard sizes that are used are 10-yard, 20-yard, and 30-yard dumpster.

A 10-yard dumpster is enough for partial room remodeling projects or cleaning out a basement. If you are planning more significant residential renovations, go for a 20-yarder. It can hold debris and junk for six to eight pick-up trucks, and it is most suitable for pool deconstruction, large landscape projects, or full-room remodeling. On the other hand, a 30-yard container is best for full-house reconstruction or large-room demolitions.

2. Find A Safe And Clear Location For Your Dumpster Rental

When getting a dumpster rental, you need to clear and/or prepare enough space in your pathway or parking area. Your driveway must not be entirely blocked, preventing the safe passage of people and cars in your home. Plan on the container obstructing your garage door. If this is the case, it is best to find a safe alternative parking space before your dumpster rental arrives to avoid having to unnecessarily moving the dumpster every so often. It is also important to keep in mind that relocation fee may be applied each time the roll off is moved.

You must also ensure that no one stays near the container or regularly passing by it. Since you are likely to toss large and heavy debris into the dumpster, there must be enough space around it to prevent other people from getting struck by the waste. Some junk could also spill out, so always check for trash on the ground that someone may accidentally step on or come into contact with.

3. Prohibit Playing In Or Around The Dumpster

Households with children or animal companions need to be extra vigilant. If a toddler or kid finds their way into the dumpster, it can pose a significant risk to their well-being since the containers may hold sharp and filthy objects that can injure or cause illness.

Large waste containers with high walls are more dangerous for kids and small animals since they could have difficulty getting out of them. When a child climbs onto a dumpster without an adult’s knowledge, they might also get hit by heavy junk thrown into the container. You must also keep animals in check to ensure that they do not eat or nibble at the waste that can cause choking or poisoning.

4. Take Note Of Doors And Hinges In Your Dumpster

Almost all types of containers may have a gate or door, on the back, that make it easier to load your waste and these are common pinching and crushing hazards. These dumpsters with doors or gates have hinges that are made of steel designed to carry heavy loads, thus, they are very thick and heavy. Getting a limb or finger stuck in one of them will cause cuts, fractures, or other injuries that may be very painful.

If you open the door or gate by using the levers on the dumpster, you must keep in mind to seal them closed and latch them on before having the container hauled away. Not securing them or leaving them open can cause debris to spill and fall out during transportation, causing traffic accidents and posing risks to people around.

5. Do Not Move The Dumpster Rental From Its Position

Avoid moving the dumpster without the help of the professionals who delivered it to your home. These containers require heavy-duty equipment, and adjusting their position or location without proper training and skill can cause personal and property damages.

To avoid unnecessary relocation fees, make sure that everything is ready before the rental company arrives. If you plan on placing it on your driveway, you can layer the ground with plywood or other level and sturdy materials to keep the dumpster from damaging your surface. Call your dumpster rental company to scheduled a relocation if necessary and unavoidable.

6. Wear The Right Gear When Using The Dumpster Rental

Using dumpsters in commercial construction operations is more intuitive because contractors and workers around the area are sometimes required and already have hard hats, high-visibility or reflective vests, goggles, as well as steel-toe boots. However, when you have a dumpster rental at home, you need to go the extra mile to prevent avoidable harm.

As much as possible, purchase or rent safety goggles and heavy-duty gloves when using a rented dumpster. They would protect you from accidentally getting pricked by stray nails or sharp wood debris in the dumpster, and they would also prevent dirt from getting into your eyes. Wearing covered footwear instead of slippers is also advisable, as they would protect and cushion your feet from stray or heavy materials that might fall or get dropped from the dumpster.

7. Pay Attention To Proper Dumpster Operation Before Using

While waste containers may appear to be nothing more than a big box of steel, almost all dumpsters have moving parts and mechanics that could malfunction if you do not use them properly. It is essential to ask your dumpster rental service provider to thoroughly explain how to operate and use the container once it arrives at your home. It would help if you learned how to work levers to prevent a door or gate from jamming or getting unhinged.

If something accidentally falls or gets tossed into the dumpster, do not jump into the container alone to fetch it. Have another responsible adult from your home on standby to assist you. You must walk in with protective clothing and cautiously sort through the pile, setting hazardous objects out the way before digging in to retrieve the item.

8. Avoid Overfilling The Dumpster Beyond Weight Capacity

Never attempt to fill the container beyond its walls and always check with the rental company before throwing in significantly heavier objects. Every dumpster rental size has corresponding load specifications, and exceeding those can present an inconvenience or outright harm to those who will pick up and transport the dumpster. Although the maximum weight a truck can haul depends on the type of vehicle most roll off container can hold up to ten tons of waste. It is also important to understand what weight is included with your rental. For instance, a 10-yard dumpster typically comes with the disposal of 1.5 tons of waste.

If you are expecting heavier junk, such as old furniture or materials from a demolished deck, go with a 20-yard or 30-yard container. It is also best to inform the dumpster rental company how you plan to use it to ensure that the contents will not go beyond local restrictions for transport weight.

9. Do Not Throw Hazardous Waste Into The Dumpster

Lastly, but one of the most important, is the type of trash. Dumpsters are not meant to carry infectious and liquid wastes, controlled substances, and tanks. Local regulations may also prohibit you from disposing of pesticides, insecticides, cleaning agents, solvents, and other chemical household products in the dumpster. Electronic gadgets, like mobile phones and batteries, may also be restricted.

When these corrosive and toxic wastes are thrown into the dumpster, they eventually find their way into the landfill, where they can contaminate the environment and spread diseases. They are also unsafe for those who work near the dumpster or the people who will transport them. In the same vein, you have to avoid smoking, grilling, or lighting matches near the dumpster to prevent things like old furniture and wood from catching fire.


Dumpster rentals may often seem easy to use, but their size and weight can pose considerable risks to you, your family, and the people who transport them. To avoid mishaps and accidents, keep in mind the points above and never shy away from consulting with your dumpster rental service company to ensure proper handling and use.

Cobblestone Container Service is a family-owned and operated rental business, so we know how to keep residential dumpster use safe and home-friendly. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right, and we offer the most affordable and competitive rates. Get in touch with us today to discuss your dumpster rental needs – we accommodate same-day or next-day delivery!

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