What To Look For When Selecting A Dumpster Rental Company

Dumpster rental has several benefits for residential or commercial use. It makes waste management for DIY projects safer and more convenient, and it allows construction sites to keep their area clear and open to reduce hazards. However, renting a dumpster takes careful planning and deliberation. You need to look at factors like local regulations, driveway space, and volume of trash. Most importantly, the rental company you want to work with should be well-considered and researched at length. Renting a dumpster can cost you a significant amount of money, so you must ensure that you get the best quality and professional service for your payment.

This article lays out everything you need to examine when choosing the best dumpster rental company to hire. Take a look at the four most essential factors below:

Dumpster Rental Waste Restrictions

Before choosing the company you will go with, you need to think about what you are most likely to dispose of. Dumpster rental services have trash regulations and guidelines for what you can toss into their bins, and not respecting those restrictions could cost you extra money in the form of potential fines, or – worse – the company might refuse to haul your junk. Hazardous wastes are a no-go for dumpster rentals since the trash accumulated in those containers goes straight to designated landfills. Mixing products like cleaning agents, insecticides, and solvents into a dumpster can harm the people transporting your bin or contaminate the landfill’s surrounding areas.

Some dumpster rental companies distinguish between municipal/general waste debris, construction debris, and clean concrete. Municipal/general waste debris refers to items from a typical household clean-up, such as old clothes and other trinkets. Containers meant for general waste will not accept food waste, chemicals, liquids, computer gadgets, etc. On the other hand, a clean concrete bin will only allow concrete, while a construction debris bin will accept all types of junk generated from construction projects (think wood, shingles, plaster, styrofoam, etc.).

Dumpster Rental Sizes

Once you are sure about the type of trash you are tossing, you need to consider the volume. Debris from a home addition or outdoor deck project will unlikely fit into a waste dumpster intended for small-scale residential tasks. To understand standard dumpster rental sizes better, take a look at this quick differentiation:


You can maximize the benefits of 10-yard dumpster rental in minor home remodeling and construction projects. It is ideal for trash from tasks like replacing kitchen countertops, repairing wallboards, or installing new flooring. A 10-yarder is also helpful for run-of-the-mill garage cleanouts, where your junk consists of old tools, mid-sized furniture, lightweight electronics, and others. These waste containers can hold around five pick-up truckloads of garbage and are usually 8′ x 11′ x 4′.


If you think your project will yield slightly more than 10 yards of trash, consider going for a 20-yard dumpster. These bins are about twice the length of 10-yarders while maintaining the same height, for easy of use. They are suitable for six to eight pick-up truckloads of junk. Whole kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects, swimming pool demolitions, and landscaping or roofing jobs are best dealt with 20-yarders.

30-Yarder Or More

30 and 40-yarders have the same length and width dimensions as a 20-yard dumpster, so you do not need to worry about driveway space if you are already confident that a 20-yarder will fit. The difference lies with the height, where 30-yard dumpsters typically rise 6.5-feet tall, and 40-yard dumpsters go up to 8 feet. If you want to renovate or remodel your whole home or demolish an entire room or garage, 30-yarders are your safest bet.

Dumpster Rental Pricing and Proximity

Different dumpster rental companies will have varying price ranges, so it works to your advantage to shop around and canvass various providers before settling on one. If your need is not too urgent, consider contacting two to three nearby dumpster rental services to get their quotes and compare the services and offers.

We emphasize proximity, as rental companies operating too far from your location will charge extra for the dumpster delivery, installation, and pick-up. Dumpster rental professionals could also respond quicker to emergency assistance needs or operational malfunctions and questions.

Lastly, it would be best to always ask your potential providers for hidden or extra charges. Dumpster rentals are favored for their upfront pricing, so unforeseen fees shouldn’t be a problem. To ensure near-exact or precise quotes, provide your dumpster rental company with complete and correct information – including the physical address, type of debris and expected lease period.

Dumpster Rental Company Reliability

An excellent dumpster rental company should be able to tick all the boxes when it comes to reliable, top-notch service. Do they use the appropriate equipment? Dumpsters are heavy, even without contents. Professionals will have the necessary machinery to place and remove your rented bin. They should offer assistance so the bin should not damage your driveway’s surface or disturbing surrounding landscapes or furnishings. Dependable companies will also give you complete operations and safety orientation on using your dumpster to avoid hazards.

You need to ask a second question: “Do they follow proper disposal methods?” Some dumpster rental companies may allow you to dump all types of waste in one bin and charge a relatively lower price, but that could indicate unethical waste management. Those types of companies can seem agreeable and appealing in the short run, but their dangers to the environment contribute to a more significant and long-term problem. Additionally, you are ultimately responsible for the proper disposal of your debris. A trustworthy dumpster rental service provider can show proof of compliance with local regulations.

Finally, you could also look for offers such as 24/7 servicing, same-day deliveries, and others. It also helps to pay attention to the number of years the company has been around. A neophyte service does not necessarily equate to poor reliability, but to thrive in the industry for at least a decade or more shows that they have built confidence with their customers.


It may seem more convenient and straightforward to book the nearest dumpster rental service or the one that responds the fastest, but not putting in the work when selecting the right company might leave you with more headaches and unwanted or unnecessary expenses. Cobblestone Container Service was born in 2010, but its founders and owners have been in the waste management industry for more than 25 years! We have had countless satisfied clients, and they know that we stand out with our appreciation for reliability, service, and affordable pricing. Call us for next-day or same-day dumpster rental deliveries!

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