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How Business Dumpster Rentals Work—A Dumpster Rental Guide

Before you take delivery of your roll-off business dumpster rental, there are some things you’ll need to know. In the case of a facility upgrade or remodel, roofing project, or other commercial or business renovation or clean-out, you are responsible for waste removal. We’re here to make it easy for you!

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The attentive staff members at Cobblestone Container Service are ready to pick up the phone M-F 8AM-4PM. We also use an answering service with operators available 24/7/365. We’ll return any calls taken by them on the next business day.

Provide 24 Hours or More Notice for a Business Dumpster Rental

For large or small business dumpster service, we ask for at least 24 hours’ notice—and sometimes longer, depending on what’s available in your service area.

You should allow at least one more business day so you have your roll-off business trash dumpster when you need it. For instance, if you want it by Tuesday morning, we ask that you place your order by 4:00 PM EST Friday.

Canceling or Changing an Order is Easy

If you need to adjust the delivery date of your roll-off commercial dumpster, change the dumpster size, or add another container, you can always do that. In fact, you can cancel if you need to. Call us and have your order number, confirmation, and delivery address ready.

If a business dumpster rental cancelation happens at least 24 hours before your scheduled delivery date, you may be charged a cancelation fee.

Business Dumpster Rental Details

If you must keep your roll-off business dumpster longer than the specified rental period, rental charges will accrue at the rate agreed upon at the time of quote.

After 30 days without service, the dumpster may be subject to inactivity fees or may be scheduled for removal.

Want the roll-off container removed early? We can make that happen—give one full business day’s notice, please. No discounts for business dumpster rentals of less than ten days will be granted.

Business Dumpster Rental Fees

Most price quotes include rental, delivery, removal, and disposal charges—although additional fees may apply in some cases. For example, the first commercial dumpster rental delivered to your location might include a delivery fee, dependent upon your location. However, there will be no additional delivery fees for dump-and-returns (exchanges).

If the truck driver arrives to collect your container and you’re not ready for it to be taken away, you will be charged a trip (dry run) fee. If you cannot be present during delivery, we ask that you supply very specific instructions for the driver—and know that if you’re not there and we have to return to move it, there will be a fee.

Please ensure no obstructions are blocking the dumpster at pick-up time. Blocked dumpsters may also result in an additional cost.

When your rental is quoted, you will receive an excess tonnage rate—which will be applied if the tonnage of your filled roll-off container exceeds the allowance.

We accept all payments by any major credit card, and payment is collected before delivery. If any additional charges are incurred, they will also be charged to that card.

Make Sure There’s Enough Room for Delivery

When you know which size roll-off container you’ll be renting, check the dimensions and ensure there’s about twice that amount of space. We’ll also need to know about overhead utility wires or other obstructions.

Choosing the Dumpster Delivery Site

Cobblestone Container Service cannot be held responsible for damages to surfaces where the container is placed. Therefore, we suggest laying 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood under the container’s rollers. If your municipality allows roll-off containers to be placed in the street, ask them if you’ll need a permit.

What You Can Put in Your Business Dumpster Rental

Most waste from commercial and business renovations and clean-ups is okay to put in your commercial dumpster rental. But be aware that the following items are NOT permitted:

  • Oil Filters
  • Oil (hydraulic, transmission, motor)
  • Antifreeze
  • Hard Drives
  • Computer Monitors
  • Liquids (inflammable and flammable)
  • Tires
  • Mattresses
  • A.C. Units
  • Radioactive Material
  • Food Waste
  • Industrial Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Asbestos
  • Soil (uncontaminated or contaminated)
  • Regulated Waste
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Televisions
  • Microwaves
  • Lead Paint Chips
  • Paint (except dried, in cans)
  • Solvents
  • Fluorescent Tube Bulbs
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Batteries
  • Gas Bottles
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Railroad Ties
  • Asbestos

Please consult with your local ordinances and landfill regulations for other restricted items.

Unless you’re adding clean concrete waste to your roll-off dumpster, you can fill it to 2” from the top (to allow for tarping). However, if you use the container for concrete disposal, you may only fill it halfway (to avoid violating weight restrictions).

The Various Types of Debris

We can provide a more accurate business dumpster cost when we know what type of debris you’ll be putting in your rental roll-off dumpster.

General Waste Debris

Green waste or any light waste from a typical clean-out.

Clean Construction Debris

Debris typically generated during commercial renovations, remodeling, and new construction projects (wood, tiles, ceramics, Styrofoam, drywall, insulation, shingles, plaster).

Clean Concrete

No ceramics, bricks, or asphalt—only concrete.

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