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A Variety of Roll-Off Dumpster Sizes to Suit Your Needs

As you search for a dumpster rental for construction debris, a home remodeling project, a home addition job, or a clean-out, you’ll learn there are different sizes of roll-off dumpsters. We want to help you find the perfect roll-off dumpster size for your waste management application.

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Commercial Dumpster Sizes

Commercial roll-off container rentals can cover everything from office clean-outs to significant construction. Our 20-Yard and 30-Yard roll-off containers are adequate for commercial and industrial projects. Occasionally, our customers will need the 40-Yard container size.

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Residential Dumpster Sizes

Every project is unique, but our smaller roll-off dumpster sizes are generally suitable for most residential projects. Look at our 10-Yard and 20-Yard roll-off containers—our most popular residential dumpster rental sizes.

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The Roll-Off Dumpster Sizes We Offer 

The size of your project will determine the roll-off container size you need. First, look at our roll-off dumpster sizes and dimensions (measured in cubic yards), and then contact us for a recommendation on the roll-off dumpster rental size that’s just right for you.

10-Yard Containers

10-Yard Dumpster


20-Yard Containers

20-Yard Dumpster


30-Yard Containers

30-Yard Dumpster


40-Yard Containers

40-Yard Dumpster


Let Us Recommend a Roll-Off Dumpster Size

There are lots of factors that determine what disposal container size will be suitable for your needs. You want something adequate but don’t want to pay for extra space you won’t use. We understand and are ready to take your call and help you choose the best dumpster rental size.

We’ll consider the type of debris you’ll have, weight limits, any special materials—and then we’ll quote a roll-off dumpster size and final price with no hidden fees. You can count on it!

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Get Even More Information in Our Dumpster Rental Guides

Choosing a roll-off dumpster size is only part of what you’ll need to know to make sure your container rental’s delivery, pick-up, and invoicing go as smoothly as possible. We’ve put together some dumpster rental guides to help you understand the ins and outs of roll-off container rental:

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Are You in Cobblestone’s Service Area?

You’ve come here to choose a roll-off dumpster size—but are you in our service area? Chances are the answer is YES! We are a small, family-owned company that offers highly personalized, attentive customer service. For that reason, many people wouldn’t guess that we provide nearly nationwide service!

It’s hard to believe that a company will pick up the phone, remember your name, and still be able to serve you from across the country. But we can do it! We’re waiting by the phone now, so give us a call.

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