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Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

Are you looking for a roll-off dumpster rental, with various sizes available nearly anywhere in the U.S. and with fast, responsive service? Then turn to the roll-off dumpster professionals at Cobblestone Container Service.

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Our Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Service Area

When we get the question, “What is your service area for roll-off dumpster rentals?” the answer is usually, “Where you are!”

We have access to a nationwide network of carriers that we trust and work with closely—and we’re ready to bring our roll-off dumpster rental service to you!

Why You Need Roll-Off Dumpster Service

Do you need a convenient, affordable way to dispose of construction, commercial demolition, industrial, or municipal solid waste? Or are you planning an estate, household, or garage clean-out or home remodeling project?

These are all great reasons to call the staff at Cobblestone and ask for upfront pricing without hidden fees for your commercial or residential application.

10-Yard Containers
20-Yard Containers
30-Yard Containers
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How Does Renting a Roll-Off Dumpster Work?

No matter where you are, give us a call.


We’ll ask you questions like what you plan to put in your roll-off container. With over 30 years in the business, we know exactly what to ask to get to the bottom of your roll-off dumpster rental needs.


Then we’ll recommend a dumpster size that’s large enough while still being cost-effective. We’ll consider what you’ll be putting in there, so we can abide by disposal regulations, too.


A roll-off truck will deliver your container (usually within 48 hours). Use it for as long as you need (up to 14 days included in your initial rental), and then call us to pick it up.

It really is that easy! We’ll help you get rid of any type of waste. Get a fast quote today!

What Makes Our Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals Different

We have a wider reach and larger service area than many local roll-off dumpster rental companies. We’re also family owned and operated. Those facts come together to create some unique benefits for you:

  • Complete Pricing in Every Quote: We give you one price. No hidden fees. No add-ons. Remember to ask about additional costs when comparing prices with other roll-off dumpster rental companies.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We have a nationwide service area, but we’ll treat you like you’re our next-door neighbor. That’s the advantage of working with a family-owned company that cares.
  • Prompt Delivery: We can deliver your roll-off container FAST—sometimes the same day or the next day, but always in a timeline that suits your needs.
  • Two-Week Rental Included: It’s important to ask, “How long can I keep my roll-off container before I’m charged additional fees?” With us, 10-14 days is included in the base quote you’ll receive.
  • Disposal Allowance: When we pick up your filled container, it will be weighed at the disposal facility. A tonnage allowance is always included in your quote; if it goes over, you will be notified.

Our customers value our upfront pricing and honesty the most. They never have to worry about add-on fees and know exactly what they’re paying for. That’s not true of every roll-off dumpster rental company. For instance, our Fuel & Environmental Fees account for less than 10% of our overall costs—yet other companies may charge you a 12-24% fuel surcharge. Beware of prices that aren’t all-inclusive!

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What Materials Are Accepted by Our Dumpster Rentals?

All kinds of waste—that’s what we dispose of.

  • General Waste: This accounts for approximately 90% of what we handle.
  • Special Handling / Special Disposal Waste Streams: Trees, stumps, shrubbery, organic materials, dirt, concrete, brick, block, aggregate material.
  • Recyclable Materials: Wood, metal, cardboard, etc.
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A Few Notes Before Accepting Your Roll-Off Container

It’s the mission of everyone at Cobblestone Container Service to make the drop-off and pick-up of roll-off containers as seamless as possible. There are a few things you can do to help us with that:

  • If the container will be delivered to a narrow space, like a small street or alley, be sure to compare the size of the available space to the dimensions of the dumpster, including the truck cab.
  • Ensure no overhead wires or other obstructions will be in the way.
  • Note that the lengths of roll-off dumpsters differ. For instance, a 10-Yard container is 12 feet long, while a 20-Yard container is 22 feet long. There is no significant difference in the widths.
  • Roll-off containers have an 8-foot-wide opening in the back. If you plan to use that opening to dispose of items, please account for an extra 8 feet of length for the door’s clearance.

Are you ready for that quote? And to schedule your roll-off dumpster rental? We’re ready to take your call.

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